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Looking for a private investigator? Allen PI in Omaha Nebraska is a licensed, bonded and insured private detective agency offering private investigations in both Nebraska and Iowa. Allen & Associates is a trusted and experienced private detective agency dedicated to getting you results! Our most popular services include background investigations, repo/repossession services, process server... Read More
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Private Investigations

Private Investigations Surveillance is our most useful tool. If you need intelligence, we have the training and equipment to document any situation, eliminating guesswork. Use surveillance to prove court cases, track suspected unfaithful partners, catch thieves, catch insurance fraud situations, and more. Our hidden cameras utilize micro-pinhole lenses and benign-looking concealment housings like wall clocks and smoke... Read More
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Background Investigations

Background Investigations We Search & Find All Records Nationwide! Our records searches are thorough, tailor-made to fit the needs of our clients. We have the know-how and the contacts to obtain any information about anyone that you need. Completed in a discreet, confidential manner, intelligence is extremely effective for decision making. We search, find and provide court records, nationwide court records, civil... Read More
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Reposession Services

Reposession Services Our Omaha Repo specialists are experts at locating both the owners and the collateral, and efficiently acquiring the property to minimize your losses. We are so sure of our repossession service that if we don’t secure your collateral, there is no fee. The longer you wait, the less of a chance you will have at locating properties, including autos, boats, and more. Please contact us to... Read More
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Process Servers

Process Servers When you need professional, dependable process servers, look no further. Our process servers are detectives with people finding skills, and we pride ourselves in getting your papers served the same day we get them. We contact you by phone, the minute we complete the process service, and then follow it up with the return of service which is mailed out immediately. Here at Allen and Associates we... Read More
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Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Investigations Proving a case can be easier with the proof we can provide. To catch a cheater is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you, but it is better to know. Worse yet is not knowing if your spouse or partner is cheating on you. We get you your answers with crack photography and... Read More
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Undercover Investigations

Undercover Investigations Our detectives are capable of merging into any field, trained to determine the integrity of employees where fraud, pilferage and other illegal activities are suspected. Our experience, expertise, and top of the line equipment makes our agency one of the strongest in the industry. The resources of our Omaha detective agency help get you the answers you need. Getting in isn’t always easy, but... Read More
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